Camp Locations

Prisoner of War Camps in Missouri:

Base Camps

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There were four main base camps, each holding between 2,000 and 5,000 prisoners of war.

  • Fort Leonard Wood, in central Missouri
  • Camp Weingarten, near Ste. Genevieve
  • Camp Crowder, outside of Neosho, Missouri
  • Camp Clark, outside of Nevada, Missouri
  • Click here for a state map showing camp locations

The main camps supported a number of branch camps, which were used to put POWs where their labor could be best utilized. Camps typically held between 50 and 250 POWs and the men were housed in any sort of structure that was available. Because the branch camps were often short-lived, and some records have been lost or destroyed in the sixty years that have since gone by, it is likely that a couple have been omitted.

Branch Camps

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  • Charleston
  • Chesterfield – Gumbo Flats
  • Chesterfield – riverboat
  • Columbia – fraternity houses on the MU campus
  • Conran/Marston/Portageville
  • Fulton
  • Gasconade – riverboat
  • Glasgow – riverboat
  • Grand Pass – riverboat
  • Hannibal – housed in tents in Clemens Field
  • Independence – Atherton
  • Jefferson Barracks
  • Kansas City
  • Kennett
  • Lexington
  • Liberty
  • Louisiana – Stark Bros Nursery
  • Malden
  • Marshall
  • Orrick
  • Riverside – housed in the former Jockey Club racetrack facility
  • St Louis Ordnance Depot – Baden
  • St. Louis – riverboat
  • Sedalia Army Air Field
  • Sikeston/Grant City – McMullin Estate
  • Springfield – O’Reilly General Hospital
  • Washington – riverboat

Click here for a state map showing branch camp locations

Note: The camps shown above designated as “riverboat” were just that. POWs who had served in the German Navy worked with the Army Corps of Engineers in dredging operations, mostly on the Missouri River. Other men were quartered on the riverboat and came to work on land based projects each day, such as those who worked at the Corps of Engineers boatyard at Gasconade, Missouri, or who did levee repair at a number of sites up and down the river.


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